Who Won The Sphero BB-8 Droids For Star Wars Day?

Who Won The Sphero BB-8 Droids For Star Wars Day?

May the Fourth be with you! We’ve been reading your interesting and unique ways to put your very own Sphero BB-8 droid to use as part of our latest competition — and the four winners have been chosen!

In 25 words or less, what was the most inventive, oddball or out-of-the-ordinary thing you’d do with a Sphero BB-8? The four Gizmodo readers who will be sent their very own droid, valued at $249 are:


I am a supervisor in the cleaning department in a hospital, the average age of my staff is over 55, these ladies have no clue about technology and often ask me to use “the google” to find them things, it would be so much fun to chase them with a little robot, because they would honestly have no idea what it is and would freak out.

He could also come around with me when I do my rounds and help cheer up the few kids we get in. ( its a palliative hospital)

This. Is. Great.


I’d put a small, bloody hand print on him, draw a face on it and rename him Space Wilson. Who even needs real friends anyway?



I would wrap it up and give it to my girlfriend as an anniversary present. Taking me from the worst Boyfriend, to the best boyfriend in the galaxy. Yep I didnt get her anything.

We’ve got your back, misteryman.


I’d set up a pacman style maze and hopefully control it through the cloud so it can work in the style of Twitch Plays… BB-8 Pacman! Sooooo cool!

Please do this, please stream it, and please send us a link!

A big thanks to everyone who entered, it was certainly a fun afternoon reading all your devious plans for poor BB-8. Winners, we will be in touch!