What The Heck Is Star Wars: Episode VIII Filming In Ireland This Week?

What The Heck Is Star Wars: Episode VIII Filming In Ireland This Week?

Three actors get off a plane in Belfast. They’re there to film scenes for Rian Johnson’s Star Wars Episode VIII and the paparazzi are all over it. The flash bulbs are flying. When the lights fade, we’re left with one major question. What are these three specific actors filming?

Of course, we know that Star Wars Episode VIII has been filming for several months all over Europe, mainly at Pinewood Studios in England, but also on location too, in Ireland and other places as well. Recently, though, a very familiar looking structure has been under construction in Malin Head, in County Donegal Ireland. Debate has raged about the identity of the set but now, those three actors have arrived as well and this is where things get interesting and, perhaps, a bit revealing.


BBC News has photos that reveal Mark Hamill, Daisy Ridley and Adam Driver all landed in Belfast in the last few days. And, the structure that’s being erected looks a lot like the Millennium Falcon. Could Rey and Luke have taken the Falcon to this location to confront Kylo Ren? Are the trio currently filming the finale of the film?

It certainly seems possible. You’d have to imagine Episode VIII will finally see Luke showdown with his former student and nephew, the once Ben Solo. And he’s likely to have his new apprentice, Rey, at his side. Or maybe this is a scene earlier where the dark side and the light are on each other’s tails.

Then again, Lucasfilm and Disney are not above a little misdirection. It’s very possible there are other actors in the city who the paparazzi just didn’t get a photo of. Or maybe Hamill isn’t in the scene. After all, he was in England for the entire Episode VII shoot, which we now know was a ruse.

Head to the BBC link for the photos of the actors and the potential Millennium Falcon construction. What do you think they’re shooting?

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