What If X-Men Apocalypse Was Given An R-Rating?

Video: The latest X-Men movie is sadly a bit of a bummer, with grand scale but no soul. But what if Fox had included it in its plans to slap an R-rating on every superhero movie it had going in the wake of Deadpool‘s smashing success? It probably wouldn’t be as goofy as this parody trailer presumes. The fine folks over at Wired recently put together this quick-and-dirty edit of Apocalypse‘s trailers to re-imagine a world where the film could show off a lot more blood… and make some very silly jokes, from sex puns to Magneto whipping out his private parts for all to see. Considering how gruesome the film could get at times, especially in Wolverine’s cameo, this probably isn’t how an R-Rated version would really go down.

It’s a tone that worked spectacularly for Deadpool, but maybe less so for a traditional X-Men film. And between Wolverine 3, X-Force and Deadpool 2, we’ll be getting plenty of R-Rated mutant action over the next few years anyway.