Watching A Hot Dog Dissolve In Acid Is Strangely Peaceful And I Can't Look Away

Watching a Hot Dog Dissolve in Acid Is Strangely Peaceful and I Can't Look Away

Piranha solution is nasty stuff. Composed of part sulfuric acid and part hydrogen peroxide, it eats through most organic matter with ease, and this hot dog shows that it's frighteningly good at its job. So why does this video have some Explosions In The Sky-type post-rock music playing over it?

Even knowing full well that the hot dog is an easy analogue for, say, a human finger, something about the way it floats merrily along to these chill-arse jams is incredibly relaxing. Meditative even. It's just like they always say, "let your worries be as a hot dog in acid." It's an incredibly common idiom, so I don't know why you're looking at me like that.

And all of a sudden, the video just ends before the hot dog dissolves completely. Why it cuts off, and what the hot dog did to deserve this treatment are left a total mystery. Farewell, sweet prince of mystery meat.

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