Watch Asus's Zenvolution Event Live From Computex

Computex 2016 is kicking off over the next couple of days in Taiwan, and first off the blocks is Asus. The PC component, laptop, desktop, tablet, smartphone and peripheral maker has a lot of announcements to make, and the first is its 'Zenvolution' event kicking off at 4PM (AEST) Sydney time.

You'll see that YouTube video above come to live at 4PM AEST, but here's a direct link in case you want to watch it natively on your phone or mobile device. If you can't watch along, we'll have all the news as it happens.

What will we see? The first event is Asus' corporate event, so it'll be about new smartphones and tablets and 2-in-1 laptops; the company has already posted a bunch of hints to its Facebook page — one of which clearly hints at a "Power of 3" laptop or tablet.

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