Star Wars Fan Film May Contain The Galaxy's Goriest Moment

Video: Star Wars: Exile is a 16-minute fan film about a pair of Jedi who must confront a sinister Inquisitor in the employ of Darth Vader and the dark side. It's a bit talky at times. But it also has high production values including commendable special effects, a refreshingly diverse cast, multiple lightsabre battles, and — I can emphasise this strongly enough — GORE.

Star Wars: Exile is tagged "episode one", so it seems we'll be seeing more of these characters' adventures in the future. Hats off to writer-director Noel Braham (who plays the young, conflicted Jedi Makal Lori) and his co-director, Pokey Spears, who pops in evil-eyed contact lenses to play the Inquisitor.

[The Mary Sue]

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