This Amazing 145 Megapixel, Helicopter-Mounted 5-Camera Rig Is Aussie-Made

You might be proud of your home-made camera rig that lets you take steady shots by mounting your shooter to your belt buckle, but it's nothing compared to the work done by Wayne Rogers and the folks at the Camera Clinic.

Recently, the Melbourne-based photographic technician was interviewed about the sort of work the company does, including constructing a custom five-camera, helicopter-mounted rig with automatic vibration dampening.

According to Rogers, the rig was built for "a large power company" and it had a very specific set of requirements:

...five cameras, 29 megapixel [for] each camera, it's focusing on five different power line sets and driving each camera to the line, following it within three metres — plus or minus — the line. We're doing 70km per hour in a helicopter at 23m away. So you're sucking in about 1.5GB per second of images.

The rig included an "active system where sensors determine the vibration", allowing the cameras to compensate for the motion.

The video is one of three from F Stop Lounge interviewing Rogers — you can check out the other two below.

[F Stop Lounge]

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