Telstra NBN And ADSL Outages Are Still Not Fixed

Telstra NBN And ADSL Outages Are Still Not Fixed

Despite the telco’s assurances that last week’s huge outages have been fixed, many customers across the country are still unable to connect to their NBN and ADSL services. Service is gradually returning, with Telstra advising customers to regularly cycle their modems to attempt to connect to the network, but it’s been a rough four days for Telstra in a year that’s been full of major outages.

Telstra experienced a massive outage to its NBN and ADSL services on Friday, with customers across the country reporting a lack of service.

It was reported to be fixed later on Friday by the telco, with the large majority of services going back online. There still seem to be a huge number of people who have been without internet for the past four days — though subsequent service updates claim these difficulties are only affecting “a small number of customers”.

The last official update on Twitter was posted on Friday night, but tweets to the telco’s account show that plenty of customers have still received no update or restoration of service.

As if this isn’t enough, customers are having one hell of a time just trying to get onto Telstra’s customer service. As often happens with these kinds of widespread outages, the customer service lines are experiencing huge wait times.

As with their other recent outages, however, Telstra has confirmed that they will be offering free data in apology for the outages. “We understand this has been frustrating for affected customers and we will be providing them with some additional data,” Telstra said in a statement.

If you’re still experiencing problems, you can check the status of your area’s service here.