Shakespeare And Time Travel And Imaginary Friends: These Trailers Are Ridiculous

Shakespeare and Time Travel and Imaginary Friends: ABC's Trailers Are Ridiculous

Everyone's releasing new trailers this week: Of particular interest to us are Still Star-Crossed, the Shondaland sequel to Romeo and Juliet; Time After Time, where a time-travelling HG Wells hunts Jack the Ripper; and Imaginary Mary, a show where Jenna Elfman gets advice from her imaginary friend.

I kind of want to take this seriously, but the voiceover makes it very hard. "Where this tragedy ends, an even greater story begins," indeed.

"I believe my friend John is Jack the Ripper. He has escaped to the future and I am the only one who can catch him," says HG Wells in Time After Time. Also, the first thing people do in the future is shave, apparently.

There is a Macarena joke in this.

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