Seven Popular Fast Food Restaurants You Didn’t Know Delivered

Seven Popular Fast Food Restaurants You Didn’t Know Delivered
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There’s nothing better about living in the 21st Century than the ability to order, pay for and arrange delivery of food from the comfort of our own homes. Thanks to the internet, we don’t even have to talk to anyone to do it. Though delivery has traditionally been reserved for pizza and cheap Chinese takeaway, you might be surprised how many of your favourite fast food joints deliver — from Red Rooster and Subway to gourmet burger joint Mary’s and decedent dessert maestro Gelato Messina.

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This post originally appeared on Lifehacker.


The biggest of the fast food giants, McDonalds launched its McDelivery in Australia almost two years ago, though many seem to have already forgotten that it exists. The online ordering system is pretty good, however, with a similar interface to the touchscreens in store that can be used to order. You can customise your orders pretty extensively, though Maccas does seem to screw these orders up more often. When we tried the service last year we weren’t too impressed, but maybe Maccas has upped its game as it’s been slowly expanding the range of McDelivery.

Red Rooster

Aussie fast food restaurant Red Rooster is big into the delivery game, offering delivery from an impressive range of locations thanks to Menulog. This includes 34 restaurants around Brisbane and 42 near Melbourne, as well as delivery from a number of smaller regional cities and towns. The service uses the standard Menulog interface, offering plenty of options and variations in meals.


KFC surprisingly doesn’t actually offer delivery despite having the service in a number of other countries. It does, however, have an online ordering system that lets you pre-order and pre-pay for your food so you can pick it up immediately once you get to the restaurant. If you can goad one of your friends into picking it up for you then it’s almost the same as delivery, right?

Mad Mex

Mexican fast food chain Mad Mex also has a very limited delivery range though Eat Now. Most restaurants display the message “Please note that this restaurant is only available for pickup today”, though it’s unclear whether they do offer delivery on other days. At least one of the restaurants will deliver, however, so those of you living around Zetland are in luck. Most of the other restaurants will take online orders for pickup, however.

Guzman Y Gomez

Another Mexican franchise, Guzman Y Gomez offers delivery through Deliveroo with a delivery fee of $5. Unfortunately, however, it doesn’t look like GYG will deliver their signature tequila shots along with your food order.


On the more gourmet side of the spectrum is Sydney burger chain Mary’s, which recently partnered with Deliveroo to deliver its delicious, messy, decadent burgers across Sydney’s CBD and surrounds. The menu includes most of the variations on Mary’s burgers you could want (ie, everything with added bacon) though it doesn’t offer shakes for delivery, with only Coke and Coke Zero available if you need a drink as well.

Gelato Messina

Oh, the wonders of food delivery services like Menulog, Deliveroo and, in this case, Foodora. Though the delivery page hasn’t been updated since Foodora was Suppertime, it doesn’t change the fact that it will deliver delicious, delicious gelato straight to your door in a number of locations across Sydney and Melbourne. Even their cakes are able to deliver, though you’ll have to decide on dessert before around 10:00pm to get your order in in time.

If your favourite fast food restaurant isn’t included here, don’t stress, there’s always a way. It just might be a little expensive, however. With services like Airtasker you can put out a general call for someone to go and grab you your favourite greasy food for you, though you will probably have to offer enough to make it worth your while. The Airtasker page with completed deliveries prove there’s no shortage of people willing to go out and grab that KFC bucket for you in exchange for a tenner, however. You can read our own experience with the service during a hankering for Lord Of The Fries here.

Did we miss any fast food chains that now offer delivery? Let us know in the comments!