EB Games To Stock Sennheiser's Gaming Headsets

Sennheiser has partnered with EB Games, stocking the headphone maker's Game One, Game Zero and PC 320 gaming headsets in the retailer's 380 stores across the country as well as online.

"We are really happy to have EB Games on board as a gaming retailer," says Allan Baronson, National Account Manager at Sennheiser Australia. "We are working to grow our presence in the gaming community and this allows us to get our products in front of a much larger audience."

Here are the Game headsets you'll be able to find on EB shelves alongside the PC 320:

Game One

Offering natural and accurate sound quality, the Game One is built to be "the ultimate headset for home gaming" according to Sennheiser. It has an open design that keeps your ears cool with hi-fi sound "exactly as the game developers intended".

It has XXL-sized plush velvet earpads, a cushioned headband and a lightweight design -- so it's super comfy, too.

Game Zero

Sennheiser says the Zeros are designed to be the most comfortable and best-sounding closed headset on the market.

Drawing on Sennheiser's experience in creating professional headsets for aviation, layers of padding and memory foam have been shaped to shield you from external sound and prevent gaming sound from disturbing others. Letting you hear every detail of the game, Sennheiser says the Zero is its quietest gaming headset yet. It has a foldable design, and comes with a hard carry case.

The Sennheiser Game One will set you back $299, while the Game Zero is $279. There's no word yet as to when they will be in stock in EB stores around the country -- we'll keep you updated!



    EB's online prices are listed as $297 (down from $369.95) for the One and $319 (down from $399.95). Any word if this is just their site has not updated their prices yet to new price?

    EB Games pricing seems to be coming into play.. US pricing as per Amazon:
    Game One = USD $189.99 = AUD $262.44
    Game Zero = USD $149.99 = AUD $207.16

    Edit: Got the models around the wrong way.

    Last edited 23/05/16 12:50 pm

      $USA 189.99 = 262.44 +10% = 288.88
      EB list price = $319 that's too not bad. Considering logistics and retail overheads.
      The one though sees a bit more mark up compared. Which is a bit weird.

    I paid $179 for these from PCCASEGEAR last year, even now Mwave have them for $229. Eb games are a rip off yet again.

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