Scientists Create Artifical Life, Then Are Arseholes To It In The First Trailer For Morgan

Scientists Create Artifical Life, Then Are Arseholes to It in the First Trailer for Morgan

Video: The idea of humans being dicks to the advanced technology we make isn't exactly new, but it's a story that at least looks as though it's being used to particularly spooky effect in Morgan, the feature debut from director Luke Scott (son of Ridley Scott).

The titular Morgan is a rapidly-maturing synthetic being, played by The Witch's Anya Taylor-Joy, and after the scientists behind her creation suddenly decide that this rapidly-evolving being shouldn't be treated like a human being, Kate Mara's "troubleshooter" is called in to investigate. Naturally, things go awry, because when will you learn, supposedly smart scientists!? Still, this looks like it could be a fun ride, despite the similar premise. Morgan hits US theatres September 2. An Australian release date has yet to be confirmed.

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