Samsung Made A Galaxy S7 Edge For Batman

Sure, it's actually called the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge Injustice Edition, but we'd much prefer to call it the Batphone. Samsung has designed a special edition Galaxy S7 edge to promote Injustice: Gods Among Us on Android, and it looks bloody awesome.

Now I may be more of a Marvel guy than a DC fan, but even I can admit that Batman is The Coolest Superhero. And I'm reasonably sure that he'd be more than happy to use this particular S7 edge, with its gold-on-black metallic batwing logo on the rear glass, and a customised Batman theme for Samsung's Touchwiz version of Android.

Batman has his accessories — a utility belt with Batarang, Batclaw and Batrope at the very least — and in that same spirit, this phone has an accompanying all-black Gear VR virtual reality headset, an all-black protective case, and a gold-finished metal batarang that looks particularly deadly. [YouTube / Samsung]

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