Renaissance Festival Actor Spears A Historically-Inaccurate Drone Right Out Of The Sky

Renaissance Festival Actor Spears a Historically-Inaccurate Drone Right Out of the Sky

Video: You have to be careful when attending a renaissance festival. Some of those in attendance take historical accuracy very, very seriously. Whipping out your smartphone could lead to a night in the stocks, and trying to film the festivities with a flying drone will incur an even worse fate for your quadcopter.

At a renaissance festival in Russia, one costumed participant took preserving historical accuracy into his own hands by bringing down a drone buzzing overhead with nothing but an impressively accurate spear toss. It doesn't appear as if anyone was hurt by the crashing drone — royalty or peasants — but the locals were presumably concerned about what manner of witchcraft or wizardry was keeping the magical craft in the air.

[YouTube via Laughing Squid]

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