Rally Car Dash Cam Captures Unbelievable Footage Of Flipping Vehicle

Driver Martin Kdér is racing in the Podbrdská Rally Legend 2016 competition and flying along without a care in the world. Well, except for keeping his Skoda 130 LR on the road. Who would have guessed that, moments later, his dash cam would capture a truly amazing shot... at the expense of his vehicle.

Just so you can enjoy the clip guilt-free — no one was seriously injured as a result of the crash.

Everything appears to be going fine until the 1:40-mark, when Kdér loses control and the vehicle veers to the left. Unfortunately, he's unable to correct and the car starts to roll. For a few moments, all we can see is the broken glass of the windshield, followed by pure white as the camera's auto-exposure adjusts.

And as it does, well, it captures a spectacular shot of the car rolling through the air above it. You'd think it was staged if you didn't know otherwise.

Photographers can spend hours perfecting the framing and composition of a shot, so I'm sure it boils the blood to see a dash cam pull it off completely by accident.

[YouTube, via PetaPixel]

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