The ‘NBN Of Health’: NSW eHealth Strategy Announced

The ‘NBN Of Health’: NSW eHealth Strategy Announced

A strategy for eHealth, a “digitally enabled and integrated health system” with a focus on delivering “patient-centered health experiences with quality health outcomes” was today announced by the NSW Minister for Health, Jillian Skinner.

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“It’s a ten year program of innovation, investment and implementation which identifies key short, medium and long term goals for eHealth NSW,” Minister Skinner revealed.

“It’s a policy that outlines the direction that we will take using the latest advances in technology policy and also including integrated care and ongoing enhancements to performance, quality and safety in our health system.”

The implementation of the strategy will be supported by eHealth NSW, which was established in 2014 to oversee state-wide eHealth strategy and planning, to set policy and standards and to lead implementation and operations.

“The strategy builds on the significant investment that the Government has made over the last 5 years, including funds in the current budget to further digitise our state wide health infrastructure and systems to deliver a suite of eHealth initiatives right across the state,” said Minister Skinner.

“We continue to build a high-speed broadband network, the NBN of Health we call it, which currently connects 150 hospitals and health centres across NSW including those in rural and remote locations. This enables our clinical and corporate systems to be used in hospitals across the state and in ambulatory care.”