Moog Just Resurrected A Piece Of Music History

Moog Just Resurrected A Piece Of Music History

When the Minimoog Model D launched in 1970 (models A through C were prototypes), it transformed a big, bulky, and expensive noise machine into stage-friendly instrument. It was the grandfather of modern synths that now fill out our favourite jams. Now, Moog is resurrecting the legend.

At Moogfest in Durham, North Carolina this weekend, Moog will release a “pilot-production run” of the iconic synth. Although the Model D issue looks like the original, Moog says it still includes up-to-date tech like MIDI, pitch bend, and other modern music-making conveniences.

If you need more info on the new Model D than that well-produced synth porn, here’s a more in-depth hands-on at Moogfest from Synthtopia:

The Minimoog Model D will arrive just in time. Moog announced last September that it was retiring the Minimoog Voyager, a modern re-engineering of the original Minimoog. An original Model D hasn’t been made since 1981.

Moog says that the synth is only available at Moogfest for now, but at least one vintage audio site says they’re working with Moog to take pre-orders.

Details are scare on price, but MusicRadar reports that the Model D issues will be going for about $US3500 ($4837) — with half of that price basically paying for prestige rather than performance. If you can’t afford it, maybe just stick with the sofa version.