Magneto Is Not A Good Coworker In This New X-Men: Apocalypse Clip

Magneto Is Not A Good Coworker In This New X-Men: Apocalypse Clip

It is never a good thing when a mutant gets very insistent about what you call them. It’s especially bad when it’s Magneto, you’ve told the authorities about him and your workplace surrounds you with metal.

X-Men: Apocalypse tweeted out a short clip today, which shows a teary-eyed, plaid-and-blood sporting Magneto confronting… factory workers? Or miners? Something like that. They also call him Heinrich and there was clearly an incident where they told the police about his powers.

Now, we’ve seen that plaid look briefly in the trailers, almost always with Magneto talking about losing his family. We’ve got this from the most recent trailer:

Which I think we can safely say he believes is the result of people talking about his powers.

And this from the first trailer:

Which could be either before or after he levels that building and kills everyone in it. I guess Magneto’s plot is going to be that he was living with his family in obscurity, but now he’s back to hating baseline humans and everything about them. Because he blames them and their small minds for the death of his family. Making him totally into Apocalypse’s plan.

Regardless, as the tweet says. His name is Magneto. And he murders on the sand.