Jimmy Fallon: The Hyperloop Is 'Thomas The Train On Cocaine'

Jimmy Fallon: The Hyperloop Is 'Thomas the Train on Cocaine'

Video: Jimmy Fallon recently took on the Hyperloop during his regular "Pros and Cons" segment, and described Elon Musk's precious, tubular baby as "Thomas the Train on cocaine". He also compared passengers to human spitballs. The future is going to be great, everyone! The pros are fairly self-evident: Speed! Long distances! Elon Musk is a genius! (Well, maybe not that last one.) The cons, on the other hand, are less than ideal, because now you actually have to go to your friend's long distance, Santa-themed wedding. Goddammit, Sarah, I will not pretend to ride a sleigh just so you can put your wedding on Pinterest.

Watch the whole thing here. The actual Hyperloop talk starts around the 2:20 mark, but the whole thing is hilarious.

[Popular Science]

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