Inside Afghanistan’s Prosthetics Centre

Inside Afghanistan’s Prosthetics Centre

Image Cache: Last week, bioengineering’s most advanced prosthetics were shown off at the world’s largest orthopaedics event in Germany. But in Afghanistan, things are a little different.

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These photographs, from AP, show the work being carried out at the International Committee of the Red Cross’s physical rehabilitation centre in Kabul, Afghanistan. There, those who have suffered the loss of a limb — whether children with birth defects or adults who’ve been injured in war — are fitted with the best prosthetics the ICRC can provide.

As you can see, they’re not quite as advanced as those shown off in Germany last week. Think less of carbon fibre and 3D printing, and more of plaster and orbital sanders. But even if they’re less advanced, the constructions still give a new lease of life to those who receive them.

Images: AP