Ingogo To Offer Fixed Fares For Taxi Rides

Ingogo To Offer Fixed Fares For Taxi Rides

Taxi providers and app services are taking a look at why people are turning towards ride sharing, and addressing the problems customers have with the traditional taxi service. One of the most common complaints travellers have using taxis is the uncertainty in price before getting into the vehicle — and taxi booking app Ingogo is changing that.

Ingogo is introducing fixed fares — an Australian first. So from next week, if you’re using Ingogo to book a cab, you won’t need to worry how much the fare will cost, since you’ll already know.

Ingogo will give a “precise determination” of what the fare will be when you enter the trip details into the app. Only once you accept the fare, will the taxi be booked and a driver sent to pick you up.

“Our redesigned application is the next stage in providing customers with the superior experience that they have come to expect,” said Hamish Petrie Ingogo CEO. “Our intention is to keep taxi drivers competitive, both in terms of service and pricing transparency. That way, everybody wins.”

The algorithm that determines the fare price takes into account the distance and expected time using the most efficient route to the destination, traffic conditions, as well as any tolls or fees that might accrue through the trip.

Ingogo are aiming for a “what you see is what you get” approach. There is no surge pricing and no hidden surprises — the price is comparable to what would show up on the same trip if it was a standard metered fare.

“Customers are at times uncomfortable with taxis, some hire cars and rideshares for a number of reasons,” said Jeff Lim, Ingogo’s Chief Marketing Officer. “They’re not sure of the final price before they get in, or are concerned that a driver will take a less-than-optimal route to get the passenger to their destination.”

“Through the new Ingogo app, customers will have the certainty that they crave around pricing. Legislation expected in NSW will require an estimate when booking, but Ingogo is now taking that to the next level. Plus passengers can jump straight out of the cab as payment and receipts are automated.”

Although described as a “new” app, this feature is really an addition to Ingogo’s existing service. You’ll still be able to hire a taxi up to 48 hours in advance, book a taxi to be waiting for them on arrival at the airport, and access to the lost and found system.