Inflatable Electric Sea-Doos Need To Exist In Adult Sizes

Inflatable Electric Sea-Doos Need To Exist In Adult Sizes

If not left docked at a marina or cottage, a trailer is a necessary accessory for hauling a jet ski out to the lake. But what if you could instead squeeze into the trunk of your car? That’s the dream this inflatable Sea-Doo realises — if only it weren’t sized for children.

Powered by a rechargeable battery that keeps the $US350 ($484) Sea-Doo toy running for almost 60 minutes between six to eight-hour-long charges, it can surprisingly support riders up to 154 pounds in weight. So some adults can squeeze onto it, they will just find the ride a little cramped, and the craft on the brink of sinking.

But an adult-sized version isn’t a completely implausible thought. Even the military relies on inflatable boats that can withstand untold abuses when racing into danger.

If made from tougher waterproof fabrics rather than the same material used for kiddie pools, an inflatable Sea-Doo for grownups might also be able to achieve speeds faster than 3km per hour — which doesn’t sound especially thrilling unless you’re five-years-old.