Hyundai's New Transportation Exoskeleton: Less Iron Man, More Aliens

Hyundai is developing an exoskeleton that it hopes will eventually become a transportation device. The future will look less like Iron Man and more like Aliens.

Image: Hyundai

The car manufacturer made the announcement on its blog, making no secret of the fact that the suit was inspired by the Marvel character, even if the bulky blue design owes more to Sigourney Weaver's getup in Aliens.

Part of the company's "Next Mobility" Group, the exoskeleton will help people move from point to point. There's a wide range of applications here, from soldiers in the field to factory workers lifting heavy loads.

Image: Hyundai

The exoskeleton seems to be a heavier version of the H-LEX (Hyundai Lifecaring ExoSkeleton), which the company developed last year for seniors and the disabled to use during physical rehabilitation.

The so-called "wearable robot" is being developed for commercial use, though there's no hint of a release date.

Hyundai joins a long line of companies trying to make super-strength suits a reality: Lockheed Martin made one in 2014, Panasonic recently made its own version and there are even some homemade versions that can jack up a small car.

[Hyundai via Engadget]

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