How To Get The Old Instagram Logo Back On Your Phone

How To Get The Old Instagram Logo Back On Your Phone

Instagram announced earlier this week that they’d be changing their logo from a representation of a camera to a slightly more colourful and abstract representation of a camera. And people had feelings! The logo was variously described as “not quite picture perfect” a “travesty” and “so internet” by media outlets — and the hoi polloi were about as generous.

If you really, truly, can’t tolerate the thought of a life lived without the old Instagram logo, you can change it back.

The trick doesn’t require jailbreaking or anything complicated. UX designer Juan Ramirez created a link that prompts Safari to open Instagram and that link has the old logo assigned to it. Simply tap this link in mobile and follow the idiot-proof directions to get it on your homescreen. Next, move the real Instagram app to some junk-drawer folder where you apparently think it belongs.

Ramirez’s workaround does get the old logo back, but at the expense of Instagram opening quite a bit slower.