How To Avoid Game Of Thrones Spoilers

How To Avoid Game Of Thrones Spoilers

Game of Thrones is back, and this only means one thing — spoilers are coming. Game of Thrones spoilers are an annual pestilence upon the realm (we’re guilty of it ourselves), and for those who don’t have a system set up to deal with them already, we’ve got you covered.

Lifehacker provided a solution to this conundrum in 2014, featuring the plugin Silencer and its handy Game of Thrones pack. Unfortunately, Silencer seems to have since disappeared from the Internet — but luckily there are plenty more options floating around.

One such extension is GameOfSpoils, a Chrome extension handily made to block Game of Thrones spoilers from Facebook or Reddit, tweets on Twitter, or stories on Google News. It blocks content based on a whole list of disallowed phrases and terms, not just ‘Game of Thrones’.

What’s more, some nifty design work has gone into it, giving it a nice little Thronesy touch — giving you warning messages such as “a potential spoiler here was defeated during a trial by combat”. You can also choose to either let it show you the particular phrase that was blocked, or simply warn you that it has content related to Game of Thrones without any specificity.

If you prefer to fine tune the way you block things, check out our more in-depth guide here.

This story was originally published on Lifehacker Australia