Hey, Are You Ready For A Bunch More Movies Of RDJ’s Sherlock Holmes?

Hey, Are You Ready For A Bunch More Movies Of RDJ’s Sherlock Holmes?

The answer better be “No.” “No” is the only acceptable answer here. Because while the first Robert Downey Jr Sherlock Holmes was fine, the second was absolutely not, and I refuse to live in the world Joel Silver imagines where they go on forever.

Speaking about doing a third movie with Downey as Holmes and Jude Law as Watson, Silver said, “It looks like it could happen this fall. Downey said he wants to do it. He’s gotta launch into another Avengers movie, right after the New Year, so we’re trying to get it done.” They have a script they “like” — faint praise — and everyone’s available. So a third one. Sure. OK. As long as Stephen Fry doesn’t show up as naked Mycroft Holmes again, I’m in.

Then things got scary, with Silver telling Collider:

I hope [it’s not the last one]. I don’t think so. How many Bond films have they made? As long as there’s a character, we can work with it. It’s not an end story. We can keep going, as long as people want to do it. It’s [the actor’s] call. They have to say, ‘OK, I’m ready to go.’ I read about them making another Bad Boys. If they want to do it, then you try to get it done.

HEY. First of all, Sherlock Holmes movies have followed the Bond rubrick — adapt stories and change actors — for a while now. Second, it’s not just people wanting to do it that determines whether it happens. It’s also the viewing public’s. And I, for one, say no.