GoPro Is Now Red Bull's Action Camera Of Choice

GoPro and Red Bull have teamed up in a multi-year, multi-million dollar partnership that sees Red Bull buying a stake in the action camera company and GoPro becoming the exclusive point-of-view camera of choice for the energy drink company's massive international media empire, which covers everything from eSports to extreme sports.

As part of the deal, Red Bull takes an equity stake in the NASDAQ-listed GoPro in exchange for the action camera brand's usage in "over 1800 Red Bull events in 100 countries", while the videos created from those events will be co-authored on both Red Bull and GoPro's various social media and online distribution networks, including YouTube and Red Bull TV.

GoPro recently killed off a few cameras from its increasingly stratified Hero line-up in an effort to stave off financial difficulties; this Red Bull partnership could be a much-needed influx of cash. If nothing else, it means you'll be seeing a lot more point-of-view action from Red Bull sponsored events — including maybe some eSports, or Red Bull's Formula 1 sponsorship, and maybe even using the new Karma video drone.

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