Google Turned A Maserati Into An Android Car

Video: At Google I/O 2016, the software giant's Android N platform got a lot of attention. New APIs and new software hooks are massively increasing the way that Android can be used in devices other than smartphones and tablets, and to demonstrate that the Google team chopped up the dashboard of a shiny new Maserati Ghibli.

The circa-$140,000 Maserati Ghibli usually has a central touchscreen in the dashboard and a small LCD in the centre of the driver's display, but Google ripped all that out -- and installed a portrait-orientation 15-inch touchscreen in the style of the Tesla Model S, as well as a fully digital instrument cluster.

This amalgamation of Android N and Android Auto uses Google's operating system to power the car's infotainment system, but also the air conditioning system, seat heaters and power windows. It's a look into a future where your car is fully computerised, not just your Bluetooth music streaming and satellite navigation while you're commuting to work.


    its a good idea until Android freezes and reboots while on the highway

      Never had an issue with android freezing and crashing and rebooting... Or being bricked doing software updates... Get it all the time with my iPad Air and pro... Most websites seem to crash safari quite regularly, like slashgear, techradar, cnet, Engadget, gizmag and gizmodo. Apple is crap to the core ATM.

        Yeah? must be just me, I used Apple for about 6 years, had no problems, decided to switch to Android last year cause I liked the customisation, the first week the phone froze and rebooted around 40 times, more times than the 6 years I used Apple, half the time, it won't connect to bluetooth or android wear, phone broke in 6 months, had to get a new one, same problems, just got sick of it after a year and went back to Apple, I find the OS more stable anyway, plus Apple uses heaps of Samsung parts, so its really down to the OS these days

    I like what is being done with these platforms in terms of bringing data together and showing different views and information based on context of what the driver (or passenger) is doing BUT I feel like physical usability either isn't being considered or at least isn't being given equal consideration.

    I know manufactures have tried things like Mercedes touchpad or BMW's gesture control, and there are some products in development, like the Bosch haptic feedback display, but there doesn't seem to be a cohesive and extensive look at how we could best do the whole user experience. And this seems like the perfect time to be doing that.

    So much information and things to use in your car all of which about 1% will be used. What's wrong with a physical button for the windows, A/C, radio etc etc.

    I like gadgets and smarts etc, i just feel they are being used in too many places where they actually add complexity as opposed to making things easier i.e. "Smarter".

    they seriously can make that big arse monitor into nicer shape instead of just rectangular, that looks hideous.

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