Gizmodo Movie Night: War, War And More War

It's almost the weekend, and that means you should book in another Gizmodo movie night. This week, it's time to go to war. Stupid wars, endless wars, ancient wars, and civil wars. We've got you covered nomatter your particular type of bloodlust.

We’ve re-jigged our existing Netflix Movie Night series, and brought in Australia’s other popular subscription video on demand services — Presto and Stan — to give you a broader selection of movies and TV shows to enjoy. On all three services, you can watch from your tablet or smartphone, on your PC or laptop, through your Smart TV, or through a media streaming dongle like the Google Chromecast, although specifics can vary.

Presto costs $10 to $15 a month depending which package you choose. Stan is a flat $10 per month, and Netflix can cost from $9 to $15 per month.

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Presto: A young, naive American quickly discovers that he must do battle not only with the Viet Cong, but also with the gnawing fear, physical exhaustion and intense anger growing within him.

Watch it now on Presto.

The Hunt For Red October

Presto: Based on Tom Clancy's bestseller, a perilous cat-and-mouse game unfolds as the USA tracks the Soviet Union's latest nuclear sub.

Watch it now on Presto.


Presto: During the horrific Battle of Saipan, when capture is imminent, Enders is forced to make a decision: if he can't protect his fellow Marine, can he bring himself to kill him to protect the code?

Watch it now on Presto.

We Were Soldiers

Presto: Re-enactment of the first big battle of the Vietnam War in "The Valley of Death" in 1965. Mel Gibson plays the American commander of the same regiment fatefully led by General George Custer in 1876.

Watch it now on Presto.


Presto: The story of Hidetora Ichimonji, an ageing warlord who after spending his life consolidating his empire, decides to abdicate and divide his kingdom amongst his three sons.

Watch it now on Presto.


The Hurt Locker

Stan: War is a drug. Nobody knows that better than Staff Sergeant James, head of an elite squad of soldiers tasked with disarming bombs. To do this job, it’s not enough to be the best: you have to thrive in a zone where the margin of error is zero.

Watch it now on Stan.


Stan: A team of U.S. soldiers are sent on a mission to sneak aboard a disabled German U-Boat (a submarine) to steal an encryption device that would give the Allies the edge they need to win the war.

Watch it now on Stan.


Stan: A fearsome force of Japanese fighters land on the coast of Papua New Guinea. Their intentions: seize Port Moresby and invade Australia. The only Australians available to face the onslaught are a small force of ill-equipped and untrained militia.

Watch it now on Stan.

American Sniper

Stan: U.S. Navy SEAL Chris Kyle is sent to Iraq with only one mission to protect his brothers-in-arms. His pinpoint accuracy saves countless lives on the battlefield and, as stories of his courageous exploits spread, he earns the nickname "Legend".

Watch it now on Stan.

The Great Escape

Stan: Steve McQueen jumps on his motorcycle and leads the way in this thrill-packed adventure that blends top stars, a true-life WWII saga and Hollywood's gift for storytelling into a bravura, blockbuster film.

Watch it now on Stan.


Inglorious Basterds

Netflix: A Jewish cinema owner in occupied Paris is forced to host a Nazi premiere, where a group of American soldiers called the Basterds plans a face-off.

Watch it now on Netflix.

Saving Private Ryan

Netflix: Eight U.S. Army Rangers penetrate German-held territory during World War 2 to find and bring home a soldier whose three brotehrs have been killed.

Watch it now on Netflix.

Tears of the sun

Netflix: Bruce Willis stars as a Navy SEAL sent to the African jungle to rescue a doctor, only to realise he must also save the refugees in the doctor's care.

Watch it now on Netflix.

Beasts of no nation

Netflix: When civil war tears his family apart, a young Western African boy is forced to join a unit of mercenary fighters and transform into a child soldier.

Watch it now on Netflix.

Three Kings

Netflix: Three American soldiers stationed in Iraq find a map they believe will take them to a huge cache of stolen Kuwaiti gold hidden near their base.

Watch it now on Netflix.

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