Ex-Apple CEO Who Tried To Sell People The Newton Thinks The Apple Watch Sucks

Ex-Apple CEO Who Tried To Sell People the Newton Thinks the Apple Watch Sucks

John Sculley, the guy who famously fired Steve Jobs and subsequently tried to sell the Newton PDA to people, thinks the Apple Watch is lame. Remember, this is maybe the worst thing Apple ever made.

TheStreet caught up with Sculley, who lives in Florida and owns many Apple products, including both an iPhone and an iPad Pro. Despite his affinity for Apple products, he does not own an Apple Watch.

I think it's beautiful. It doesn't have enough utility to be something that I need at this point in time....It has to deconnect the hardware with the dependency it has with the iPhone, so if you go jogging, I don't want to carry my iPhone and wear my Apple Watch....we're starting to see that we're moving to an era where messaging can still be an intelligent assistant. That would be a perfect application, in my mind, for the Apple Watch.

Is anyone in Cupertino listening?

[TheStreet via CNET]

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