Enphase’s ‘Tesla Rival’ Solar Storage AC Battery Begins Australian Orders

Enphase’s ‘Tesla Rival’ Solar Storage AC Battery Begins Australian Orders

Enphase, touted as a Tesla rival for residential solar energy storage, today announced that orders are open via the company’s Australian 1,000 installers for its scalable, modular AC Battery.

The Enphase AC Battery allows you to store and consume your solar energy when grid-supplied energy rates are at their peak, or to be energy self-sufficient. The first shipment is due to arrive in August.

“We believe the Enphase Home Energy Solution represents the most compelling and technologically advanced residential energy solution in the world today,” said Nathan Dunn, managing director of Enphase Asia-Pacific.

“In fact, it is the only complete energy system that we’ve seen to date and we expect the initial demand to be driven by installers looking to retrofit existing residential solar PV systems. Enphase expects the next wave of demand to be driven by new solar PV system owners enticed by the elegance and simplicity of our solution.”

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Working with the AC Battery is Enphase Enlighten, a cloud-based energy management platform that can integrate the Enphase Home Energy Solution with smart devices. You can monitor your solar generation, energy storage and consumption from any web-enabled device.

Enphase says the AC Battery, which features an updated visual design unveiled in February 2016, is suitable for any home regardless of the brand of inverters or solar panels used. “Unlike most other home batteries,” Enphase said in a statement, “a costly upgrade of the existing solar system’s inverter is not required.”

So if you’ve got an existing solar PV system and are wanting to add a storage component, the Enphase AC Battery is an option. Emphase says the system delivers “one of the lowest up-front costs and highest lifetime values in the market”.

“The Enphase AC Battery is an integrated energy storage system that is safe, built for maximum performance and offers superior reliability,” Enphase says. “Its modular architecture and ability to be right-sized makes it cost-effective, with the flexibility to grow with the home’s individual energy demands now and in the future”.

The Enphase AC Battery promises quick and easy installation, ease of design and integrate into a house and it nterconnects with standard household AC wiring — it also comes with a ten year warranty.

There’s no high voltage DC in the system, cells are safety-tested and certified by TÜV Rheinland and it utilises lithium iron phosphate (LFP) chemistry which is highly stable over time, has a long life cycle.

For a quote you’ll need to check out Enphase installers in your area.