Canon’s Rumoured 28-560mm Lens Sounds Comically Gigantic

Canon’s Rumoured 28-560mm Lens Sounds Comically Gigantic

Technology is strange. As some things get smaller, like smartphones, others grow in size… like smartphones. OK, bad example there. How about camera lenses? Sure, advances in optics have allowed us to cram three (and a billion) lenses into one, but when it comes to taking photos, sometimes you just can’t compromise. And Canon’s rumoured 28-560mm EF doesn’t sound like it will compromise, at all.

Nope, if Egami’s reporting on Canon’s new patent turns out to be true, you can expect the company to put out this behemoth sometime in the future, though it’ll only be of interest to most hardcore of photographers… and anyone looking to take snaps of the edge of the observable universe.

Canon’s EF 28-300mm (pictured above) is already a monster, weighing 1.67kg and featuring a maximum length of 257.2mm. We can only imagine the specs of a 28-560mm… or perhaps not!

Here they are (translation via Canon Rumors / Google Translate):

Patent Publication No. 2016-80973 (Google Translated)

Published 2016.5.16 Filing date 2014.10.21 Zoom ratio 18.78 Focal length 28.80 / 139.49 / 540.91 F-number 2.88 / 4.77 / 5.88 Half angle of view (degrees) 36.91 / 8.82 / 2.29 Image height 21.64 The total lens length 298.13 / 341.13 / 398.13 BF 44.99 / 76.94 / 116.58

No weight, but it looks like the maximum length will be 398mm. There’s also mention of an “effective front lens diameter” of 109mm. Yep, it’s going to be massive.

[Egami, via Canon Rumors]