Build Your Own Tesla Model 3, Unofficially

Don't want to wait at least another couple of years for Tesla to officially launch the Model 3, the company's electric car for the masses? One particularly enterprise Model 3 reservation holder has built his own car configurator, complete with colour choices for bodywork and wheels. It's not perfect, but it's better than waiting.

The model3config site is the brainchild of Tesla Motors Club member Bayol, who used a base photo of a prototype Model 3 in the Marin Headlands around San Francisco as a template and then applied different colour filters on top of that to simulate the various paintwork options.

It's not confirmed yet what colours Tesla will offer the Model 3 in, but the configurator uses Tesla's existing range of Model S and X colours and adds the various matte and semi-matte options that the company teased at its initial unveiling last month. You can also choose from two different wheel colours, but can't select the different rim options already displayed publicly.

And, of course, clicking on the 'Interior' tab gives you a whole lot of nothing. Except a snap of the cockpit of the Millenium Falcon. [Model3Config]

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