A Supercut Of Every Single Time Someone Says ‘This City’ In Daredevil’s First Season 

Video: We’ve loved both seasons of Marvel and Netflix’s Daredevil, but even the most diehard fans of the show might be sick of hearing people espouse about “this city!” every other sentence. To remind you just how prevalent this little phrase is, here’s the Daredevil supercut we’ve been waiting to see for ages. FringeMusic107‘s sublime video sadly only covers the first season of the show — otherwise it’d be twice the length — but its rapid-fire recap of all these utterances is exactly what we’ve wanted to see ever since Daredevil started. It branches out a little into tidbits such as “my city” or “the city” and the like, but it gets the point across perfectly: people talk about “this city” in Daredevil waaaaaaay too much.

Also? More often than not they’re talking about Hell’s Kitchen, which is a neighbourhood rather than a city. It’s not even a borough of New York City. But I guess “THIS 25 BLOCK AREA” doesn’t have quite the same ring to it.