A Redesigned Waterbed Makes You Feel Like You’re Floating On Air

A Redesigned Waterbed Makes You Feel Like You’re Floating On Air

Waterbeds are a forgotten relic of the ’70s and ’80s, but a company called Starpool has redesigned the sloshy snooze experience to serve as a relaxation tool, rather than a way to make you feel like you’re sleeping on a boat. Forget a standing desk, the Zerobody might be the next must-have office accessory.

Instead of hiding a massive water-filled bladder inside a mattress, the Zerobody uses it as a design element. It sits exposed inside an upholstered frame so that when you climb in and lie down on top of it, your body is enveloped by the bladder filled with warm water. You get that lovely bathtime feeling without getting wet.

The overall effect is akin to your body floating weightless, as if you’re inside a sensory deprivation tank, but without all of the claustrophobia, or the need to be completely naked. Starpool partnered with Italian designer Christiano Mino and a brain research company called Necogita to ensure the Zerobody can serve as a meditation tool when used alongside an app. It even comes with colour-changing LEDs to help you really zone out.

There are no pricing details just yet, but even if it’s reasonably affordable you still might have a hard time convincing your boss as to why your office needs one. That is, until you convince her to try it out.

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