Uninstall Quicktime From Your Windows PC Immediately

You Should Uninstall Quicktime From Your Windows Machine Immediately

If you have Apple's Quicktime video player on your Windows PC, it's probably because you only accidentally installed it while you were setting up iTunes. But two new critical security flaws in Quicktime -- a product that Apple is no longer updating -- mean you should remove it from your PC straight away.

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Researchers from Trend Micro say that they have found two critical security flaws in Quicktime for Windows. Normal practice is for Apple to fix the flaws and push an update, but the company is killing Quicktime for Windows, so no more security updates are going to be released. So the only way to stay safe is to wipe all trace of Quicktime from your system.

The flaws discovered are open-ended, allowing for the execution of arbitrary code on a machine, under the guise of the Quicktime Player. They're dangerous security breaches -- and there's probably more out there, which will also not be patched. Even the Department of Homeland Security recognises the breach, and has added Quicktime alongside Java on the official government shitlist.

In case you're not physically on hand to help your friends and relatives uninstall, Apple has provided a handy how-to. Spoiler alert: the Windows uninstaller still works.

[DHS, Trend Micro]



    and upgrade from windows 98 as well

    Every graphics or video professional will have Quicktime installed on their Windows machines. It is certainly one of the first things I install. If they stop supporting Windows, they'll make a lot of professional people very angry because I really don't see that I have any choice other than to keep it installed, given the massive amount of content I have that uses Quicktime codecs.

      Agreed. Every professional video camera on the market today uses the Apple ProRes codecs, That includes Arri, RED, Canon, Panasonic, Blackmagic and Sony which covers 99% of the entire movie and TV industry.

      The only way you can play those files on a Windows machine is by having Quicktime installed. If I have to switch to the competing DnxHD codecs from Avid, it will be a MASSIVE hassle.

        Cineform would be the better choice to switch to. It's a better codec than all of them for intermediate work.

      I don't think it's possible to use DaVinci Resolve without it. I had to install QT in order to do anything. If there is an alternative, I'd love to know, but at this stage, I don't think I really have a choice.

    Why are you still using Quicktime...

      Not as a player, but because its still the only way to install certain codecs for After Effects and 3D rendering apps. It's still essential in most professional broadcast environments.

    Has anyone used Quicktime on a windows machine since the early 2000's when that was the only way to watch decent quality movie trailers?

      My knowledge is mostly dated but the reason why iTunes installed QuickTime was because iTunes was just a library front end and used QuickTime to actually play one's media.

      Might be stand-alone now but I haven't used the Windows version of iTunes since I went Mac. And when I went Mac I found I was right; Apple never coded the Windows version as good as the Mac version (not surprisingly).

        Not bundled anymore, I don't even think it was bundled back when I had a 3GS (6s is my first iPhone for a few years). Not that I've used iTunes for any more than transferring ring tones.

          OK. I was going by how iTunes was back when I got my first iPod; an iPod mini.

          I still think that iTunes 6 was the best in terms of stability and usability. I only use the newer iTunes as if you don't select it via the updates, the newer version is pushed on me anyway when I apply the OS X update (major or minor).

          Not to deviate too far but I used to think I was mad getting a highly speced out Mac Pro (2013) but given Apple of late I think it safe to say the 2013 Mac Pro will be the last *real* computer they make before being tablet exclusive and having no freaking direction.

        I always thought it was really stupid of Apple to do such an appallingly bad job of Quicktime for Windows. It tends to give the impression that Apple aren't very good at software, which would surely have kept more than a few people from checking out a Mac over the years (before iPhone, obviously). And it was only one version of Quicktime that required you to also install iTunes. That experience was so bad it put me off even thinking about an iPod, which is why I have a ZuneHD and a Walkman.

      Quicktime is a vital component of older versions of MYOB for it to print images in forms. No Quicktime. No images when you print.

      You pretty much can't work in After Effects or Premiere without Quicktime so yeah, there are a lot of people who rely on it every day on Windows.

    YOU DO KNOW the osx version of quicktime is 6 years old right?
    and only osx 10.5 gets 7.7 which is still 5 years old
    infact THE LATEST VERSION OF QUICKTIME for WINDOWS XP is newer then THE LATEST VERSION of Quicktime X WHICH IS 2 years old and that was supposed to be the REPLACEMENT for Quicktime 7

    SO PLEASE do some research GIZMODO we expect better
    HAVING QT 7 on windows WONT be BAD it is still better than having quicktime on osx

    INFACT it is also SAFER THAN WINDOWS MEDIA PLAYER which as we know is SEVEN years old

    if you want to start telling people to uninstall old software because the latest version is "old" then you should really ask why people DONT have AV to protect them in the first place

      You do know release date and patch date are two different things correct?

    YA! Crapple are now gouging you for more useless shit because they can't be bothered having competitive up to date hardware that that they so graciously overpriced all the while their software is becoming more dumbed down and icreasingly a spoin feeding affair. Wake up peoples you're nothing more than minions.

    I still use real media on windows 3.2 ... Is that dangerous too..

    Sorry. Anybody in broadcast using a PC, which is about 50% of the market, still uses codecs that are only able to be installed, if you install QT.

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