Yes, A Nexus 5 Can Be Modded To Add 64GB Of Fast Internal Memory

First things first — if you're expecting to flip a switch or tweak a setting on your Nexus 5 to magically add faster storage, well, turn away now. On the other hand, if you're good with a soldering iron, comfortable with electronics and don't mind potentially bricking your phone, you too can give your aging gadget a face-lift.

Over on XDA, a user by the name of "Kapetz" / "Kapetz2" upgraded the embedded memory chip in his Nexus 5 to 64GB, boosting not only the storage space but the speeds as well.

Amazing, yes. But this is a good news / bad news type of deal. Good news is, the new hardware will only set you back $US30. Bad news is it's incredibly easy to stuff up the soldiering of a ball-grid array (BGA) chip, like this one.

Did I mention it's not for the faint of heart? It's not for the faint of heart. Still, if you're keen for the details, hit up the XDA forum thread.

[XDA, via Liliputing]

Photos: KApetz2

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