With The Help Of HBO's Silicon Valley, Google's Moonshot Factory Did A Better Job Of April Fools' Than Google

So Google itself might have stuffed up with its April Fools' Day antics this year, but its (well, Alphabet's) X "moonshot" factory put in a stellar effort, especially if you're a fan of HBO's Silicon Valley.

With the help of the show's Richard Hendricks (Thomas Middleditch), this humorous clip asks us to imagine a world where we could compress not only data, but objects. Borrowing somewhat from Silicon Valley's own technological MacGuffin, Hendricks explains the benefits of, say, compressing cows.

If you're a fan of the show, the video is even spot-on when it comes to Hendricks' current employment situation:

We've hired our first ever Chief Compression Officer, Richard Hendricks, to make our biggest moonshots, well, smaller. Richard is a world class expert in compression, and is the former CEO of Pied Piper where he developed an astoundingly efficient data compression algorithm. We look forward to his contributions at X, both big and extremely small.

It's certainly not Silicon Valley, but it should help with the cravings until the show returns.

[YouTube, via TV Tonight]

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