What Music Would Your Favourite Game Of Thrones Character Listen To?

What cringy '90s soft rock would Jon Snow listen to? Would Arya Stark be more riot grrrl or hardcore punk? HBO and Spotify have teamed up to build a music profile for each of the show's entirely-disposable characters, to which you can compare your musical tastes.

This cute little Spotify applet looks at your account's listening habits and, with a little animation ripped from the show's intro, "searches the kingdoms" for your perfect match. Mine is Daenarys Targaryen, apparently — she's really into progressive trance.

Each character has their own playlist, too — here's Daenerys'. No surprise that the first song is Dragon Queen by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

Spotify worked with GoT's music supervisor Evyen J Klean to build the playlists, although we can't confirm just yet whether one of them features The Bear and the Maiden Fair from the show's third season. [Spotify]

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