What Did Star Wars: The Force Awakens Get Wrong?

What Did Star Wars: The Force Awakens Get Wrong?

Hard to believe Star Wars: The Force Awakens came out five months ago. One minute you’re clamouring to watch it in theatres, the next you can walk into just about any department store and grab the Blu-Ray. Five months is also enough time to have carefully considered the film’s flaws and while they are few and far between, they do exist. Spoilers ahead!

Of course, we all knew CinemaSins would do an “Everything Wrong With” video eventually and the resulting product does a good job of covering, well, everything.

So, what gets a seeing-to in the clip’s 17-minute runtime?

Stormtroopers with surprisingly decent aim — good enough to disable a spacecraft; the fact that the Empire still hasn’t gotten the charge times down on its weapon of interstellar destruction; the fact the Empire’s tech guys (and the rebels for that matter) can’t seem to accurately tell when said weapon will actually fire and… you get the idea.

Surprise credit for pointing out that Leia was able to sense Han’s demise (presumably through the Force), but didn’t have a clue where her own brother was.