What A Back To The Future Hoverboard Factory Would Probably Look Like

What a Back to the Future Hoverboard Factory Would Probably Look Like

Video: In my head, we screwed it all up. Our reality is an alternate timeline because our hoverboards don't actually hover. There are people out there living in the real timeline where Back to the Future-style hoverboards actually do exist and do hover and are probably made in a factory that pumps 'em out like in this totally awesome animation. The animation of a hoverboard factory, done up by Garth Lee, nails all the details of the hoverboard of our dreams (AKA the Mattel hoverboard in BTTF). It's got the bend machine, the paint, the pads and the packaging. Most hilariously are the mannequin legs testing out if the boards hover.

[Garth Lee via Digg]

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