We Tested The Magic Oak Bottles That Make Bad Booze Taste Good

Oak and alcohol go hand in hand. Vineyards regularly use it to enhance the flavour of their wine, and distilleries put their whiskeys in oak barrels to provide the booze with that coveted vanilla note. But imparting all that flavour can take years, and the longer alcohol ages in the barrel the more expensive it gets.

The Oak Bottle seeks to do the ageing process in miniature. And because there’s a lot more surface area per volume of booze it should, theoretically, age the booze in days — not months or years. So for a $US40 investment (we tried out the higher volume $US80 version) you should get years of ultra smooth whiskeys and unique wines.

Theoretical claims aren’t good enough. So we picked up some cheap whiskey, tequila, and wine and got to ageing and testing. Check out the results in the video above.