We Finally Know How Sony Will Make A Whole Movie About Emojis

We Finally Know How Sony Will Make A Whole Movie About Emojis

The idea of an emoji movie is, to quote one colleague, “a nightmare from which we will never awaken.” It feels like a terrible idea, wrapped in obvious pandering. But, it does beg the question: how would it even work? How do you make a movie about the cutesy images people send to each other billions of times a day?

It’s actually kind of obvious. At CinemaCon 2016, Sony Pictures Animation presented some concept art from the film, which will be released in August 2017. The art revealed that The Emoji Movie will take place inside a smart phone. Yes, the plot is that the emojis inside your phone are alive. Everything starts out in the text app which is the main place emojis live and work. However, by the end of act one, they end up in “The World of the Wallpaper”.

Did you know each icon on your phone is actually a massive cube that extends deep into your phone? And that each cube is its own world, creating multiple worlds that the emojis will explore and get into adventures on? Well, that’s what happens. Streaming music on your phone is also a literal stream of music, as in music notes that make up a river.

Finally, Sony revealed they have partnered with a ton of different apps to make the movie feel authentic. Who those partners are, we do not yet know.

Yes. This sounds like a movie that very, very few of us would ever go see. But don’t you think that 10-year-old who lives next door might be interested? That’s what Sony is hoping, at least.

The Emoji Movie opens in the US 11 August 2017. An Australian release date has yet to be confirmed.