Watch Waleed Aly Tackle Prime Minister Turnbull On The NBN

Waleed Aly presented a scathing review of the current state of the NBN on last night's The Project, calling out the hypocrisy of Turnbull's 'age of innovation' relying on a backbone of outdated copper.

"If you had to wait even a second for this video to buffer, you know who to blame: Tony Abbott, and the guy he says invented the internet."

Is Waleed on the money here? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

What Is FTTdp?

The five-letter acronym on every telco nerd's mind at the moment — FTTdp — stands for fibre to the distribution point. Sitting somewhere in between fibre to the node (FTTN) and fibre to the premises (FTTP or FTTH) in speed, cost and complexity, it's a new potential technology that may feature heavily in the future of the NBN. It promises to be cheaper than FTTP, faster than FTTN and equally quick to roll out.

NBN's New Pricing System Aims To Reward ISPs For Larger Data Plans

The NBN's new “discount model” to be introduced in June will run for the next two years. The pricing structure is applicable to NBN’s Connectivity Virtual Circuit (CVC) charge to ISPs selling services to customers — the cost will be continually lowered over time as ISPs sell larger quota data plans to customers.

NBN HFC Rollout Known Internally As 'Operation Clusterf***': Conroy

The rollout of the hybrid-fibre coaxial (HFC) part of the troubled national broadband network is known internally as “Operation Clusterf—“, says Labor senator Stephen Conroy. “I know the internal nickname you’ve got for the HFC rollout, and it’s not fit to actually describe on the public record: Operation Cluster … something,” Mr Conroy told NBN chief executive Bill Morrow during a heated Senate hearing exchange.

NBN Rejects Reported Delays And Budget Blow-Outs: 'We're On Track'

NBN has rejected claims of significant delays and massive budget blow-outs revealed in a controversial leaked internal progress report. “We will not be drawn on alleged internal documents,” a spokesperson for NBN said in a response to the report. “We report quarterly and our results are audited.”

'We Would Always Look At Ways To Reduce Cost And Time': NBN Defends 'Secret' FTTP Trials

A leaked internal document revealed that the company building the nbn has been trialling a reliable, cheaper fibre to the premises technology — which has the potential to reach of an all-fibre system to the home.

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