Vodafone Is Targeting Mobile Black Spots In 70 New Locations

Vodafone Is Targeting Mobile Black Spots In 70 New Locations

Vodafone’s schedule for 70 base stations to be built in regional areas of New South Wales, Tasmania, Queensland, Western Australia and Victoria has been released today. The base stations are part of the Federal Government’s Mobile Black Spot Programme that aims to fill the gaps in the mobile network coverage.

Today’s schedule release comes following the announcement that Vodafone now has the second largest reach of any Australian 4G network, covering over 95 per cent of Australians. Vodafone’s combined network now reaches 97 per cent of the population.

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Vodafone’s Chief Strategy Officer, Dan Lloyd, said Vodafone has made no secret of the fact that it supports the Federal Government’s Mobile Black Spot Programme.

“We believe the Mobile Black Spot Programme is a great way to encourage competition and choice of mobile provider, which is something many people living in regional and rural areas have never experienced,” said Mr Lloyd.

“Vodafone’s rollout of mobile black spot sites is progressing well, with the first location at White Rock Mountain, west of Glenn Innes, in New South Wales switched on in December 2015. A further 28 sites in New South Wales, Queensland and Tasmania will follow this year, with all 70 sites to be completed by the end of 2017.”

Vodafone is investing heavily in regional communities which is seeing expanded and improved coverage, the opening of new stores and the launch of strategic partnerships such as that with the National Farmers’ Federation.

Vodafone has also been working with local communities, councils and MPs to investigate opportunities under round two of the Mobile Black Spot Programme and is participating in the selection process which is currently underway.

Vodafone says the locations on the rollout schedule are subject to change and timeframes for the rollout of new base stations may vary due to a range of factors, including local government development approval processes and community consultation periods.