Trump Gets A Young Lady To Do It In The Office, But After 7pm He Does It Himself

Trump Gets A Young Lady To Do It In The Office, But After 7pm He Does It Himself

Yesterday Donald Trump shed some light on one of the great mysteries of our time: How does the most infamous man on Twitter actually tweet? The answer? He spends most of the day shouting his tweets at assistants for them to send. But after 7pm it’s all him, baby.

“During the day, I’m in the office, I just shout it out to one of the young ladies who are tremendous… I’ll just shout it out, and they will do it,” Trump told Anderson Cooper yesterday. “But during the evenings, after 7 o’clock or so, I will always do it by myself.”

It’s long been our obsession here at Gizmodo to find evidence that Donald Trump has ever used a personal computer. Almost all signs point to no. But the question that naturally comes along with that is whether Trump has ever used a tablet or a smartphone for something like web browsing. And perhaps most importantly, whether he has ever actually sent one of his infamous tweets.

We’ve always known that Trump prefers to dictate his tweets during the day. But if we believe Mr Trump’s assertions on CNN yesterday, he really is the one pushing pixels (with his enormous fingers) after 7pm or so. And he’s truly a big fan of the “genius” he sees everyday on Twitter.

“You see what’s going on. And there is some genius there. I mean, you will get… you will read some of the stuff, there is genius there,” he told Anderson Cooper. “You have to find the right genius.”

In a rare admission of something approximating humility, Donald Trump said that some of his retweets are “a little bit shaky”. But he assured the audience that his own tweets were just fine. As a reminder, Trump often calls people clowns, losers and haters when he’s not retweeting.

So there you have it. Trump has a “young lady” do it during the day, he does it himself after 7pm and when he’s doing it with others he can be a little bit shaky. Mystery solved. But we still don’t know if he’s ever used a computer.

Top: Donald Trump speaks at JetSmart Aviation Services on 10 April 2016 (AP Photo/Mike Groll)