These Star Wars Light Fixtures Would Look Perfect Inside Your Star Destroyer

Lights are often purely functional, but even the word "functional" has "fun" in it. And "onal", but that's not a word. "Star" and "Wars" both are however and when you combine the fictional sci-fi universe with the humble art of illumination, you get these magnificent pieces.

These (sadly fake) light fixtures come to us via the portfolio of designer Eyal Rosenthal. According to Rosenthal, the idea was to mix functionality with minimalism and of course, that George Lucas thing everyone keeps going on about.

If the images look like they were pulled straight out of an IKEA catalogue, that's intentional:

Having that Scandinavian style, they are presented as pages in a Swedish catalog. The names remind the origin but converted to resemble Swedish and for credibility, paragraphs were added in Google-translated Swedish with content from the original character's Wikipedia page.

Rosenthal even went as far as to create a mock website advertising the fixtures as an April Fools' Day prank, which I'm sure upset more than a few Star Wars-obsessed interior designers.

[Eyal Rosenthal via Design You Trust]

Images: Eyal Rosenthal

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