There’s An Airbnb In The Rio Olympic Arena, And You’re Allowed To Jump On The Bed

There’s An Airbnb In The Rio Olympic Arena, And You’re Allowed To Jump On The Bed

Airbnb has just listed a bedroom built inside the Rio Olympic Arena, where the 2016 Olympic Games and gymnastics competition will be held.

Before you go rushing to book your stay, read on. Unsurprisingly, it’s not as easy to stay in this property as a regular Airbnb location — and it comes with a very special set of house rules.

• Jumping on the bed is allowed. However, please refrain from any backflips.
• Be sure to drink lots of water and keep hydrated throughout your stay.
• Feel free to stretch before you go to bed (just don’t use the lamps).
• Tumbling, climbing ropes and choreography are welcomed at any time of the night.
• Sportswear is highly recommended.
• Somersaults are okay, but please don’t break anything.
• Additional points will be awarded to guests who clean up after themselves.

The bedroom comes complete with rubberised floors, hanging rope ladder and lamp rings to help inspire guests to keep up with their workout routine during their stay. The temporary listing will also include private stadium seating along with floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the centre of the arena to make for one of the best seats in the house.

This unique Airbnb experience will be hosted by brother and sister duo, world-class Brazilian gymnasts Diego and Daniele Hypolito, who will be competing for spots on the Olympic Brazil team at the gymnastics test event. Daniele has represented Brazil at four Olympic Games and is the first Brazilian athlete to win a medal at the World Championships in gymnastics; meanwhile Diego is the first male Brazilian gymnast to win a World Championships gold medal.

The Hypolito siblings will welcome guests to the Rio Olympic Arena, where they will give a guided tour of the venue and later provide a private training session on Barra beach. Guests will also have exclusive seats to the final international rhythmic gymnastics qualifier event and be present for the medal ceremony. They will also get to meet other Olympic international stars and end the day by receiving a special VIP treatment, complete with a relaxing spa session.

“At Airbnb, we are in the business of offering unique spaces that inspire you long after your stay, and oftentimes we find that inspiration transcends the walls of your listing and lives on in the people you meet and incredible experiences you have,” said Leonardo Tristão, Country Manager Brazil for Airbnb. “Having the opportunity to live like an Olympic athlete in Rio, train alongside them and witness first-hand the thrill of competing for a gold medal on a global stage is just one example of the incredible experiences you find on Airbnb.”

To score a night in this one-of-kind Airbnb you have to compete. Not in an olympic-like way, but in a regular competition-like way.

You’ll need to contact the hosts and share a little bit about yourself, where you live and why you want to spend the night inside the Olympic Park. You can live anywhere in the world, as you’ll be flown in.

Built for the 2007 Pan-American Games, the Rio Olympic Arena was designed for gymnastics and later this year will host three disciplines during the Rio 2016 Olympic Games including; artistic, rhythmic and trampoline. During the Paralympic Games it will host the wheelchair basketball competition. It is Rio’s largest indoor arena and is used for major sporting events, concerts and cultural activities.