The Tesla Model S Just Got Its First Ever Facelift

The Tesla Model S Just Got Its First Ever Facelift

After four years of mass production, Tesla Motors’ luxury Model S sedan has had its first significant visual overhaul. New cars being built from today onwards will inherit the aerodynamic front grille of the Model X SUV, as well as a faster wall charger and more powerful in-cabin air filtration.

Shown on Tesla’s website today, the new Model S has a much smaller front air intake, with the majority of the front bar blocked to improve aerodynamic efficiency. The headlights have been updated to the style of the Model X, too, and use banks of LEDs that adjust their aim to target where the car’s wheels are pointed.

There is a small intake at the top of the grille, though, which functions as an intake for the Model S facelift’s new HEPA-grade aid filtration and air conditioning system. That filter is 100 times more efficient than those in other luxe cars, and removes “at least 99.97% of particulate exhaust pollution and effectively all allergens, bacteria and other contaminants from cabin air”.

Charging from non-Supercharger power sources gets 20 per cent faster — when the outlet allows for it — with the Model S’ bundled standard onboard charging hardware getting upgraded from a 40-amp to a 48-amp model. Inside, two new wood finishes are available on interior trim.

And, as usual, Tesla continues to talk up the fact that its cars get wireless firmware updates that add features like autonomous driving and parking. “As always, software updates are free throughout the life of the vehicle, making Model S (and Model X) the only cars that actually improve over time.”