The Jumanji Remake May Become Something Very Unexpected

The Jumanji Remake May Become Something Very Unexpected

When news broke that Sony Pictures was going to remake Jumanji, we were suitably confused. Didn’t the first movie with Robin Williams kind of just get it right? Well, now we have an idea of how filmmaker Jake Kasdan plans on differentiating his version: by casting Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart. Variety reports that Johnson and Hart, who’ll appear together in this winter’s Central Intelligence (above) are in talks to co-star in the film, which already has a US release date of 28 July 2017.

Things aren’t 100 per cent just yet, as contracts haven’t been signed and the crazy busy actors are looking for breaks in their schedules. According to the trade, Hart will be the more difficult actor to lock down, if you can believe it.

Jumanji is based on the award-winning book by Chris Van Allsburg about a family who opens a board game that turns its jungle-themed adventure into a reality.

OK, so we’re not fans of the idea of a Jumanji remake. But you have to admit, a Jumanji with Johnson and Hart is going to, at the very least, be a very different spin on the material than the original movie.


Top: “Wait, we’re gonna be in Jumanji?” Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart in Central Intelligence (Image: Warner Bros.)